Electro-Magic pressure washers tackle the toughest cleaning chores with ease. They're rugged and dependable, and we build them to last. We include sensible but innovative features that help you get the job done quickly.

  • Our innovative coil system actually forms the combustion chamber, eliminating troublesome insulation and hot chambers. This engineering achievement provides greater fuel efficiency and reduces operating costs.

  • For quieter operation, we engineer our high-quality pumps with crankshafts and rod assemblies that run in oil. Our belt drive further reduces noisy vibration.

  • Single phase motors have dual capacitors to provide high starting performance and low running currents.

  • Our ball bearing pneumatic wheels are specifically designed with grease zerks and tube type tires for easy repair.

  • 50 feet of wire braid hose with 360 swivel on the wand can get in the corners of any cleaning job.

  • Replaceable fuel filter with a clear container allows you to quickly check for water or dirt.

  • Our heavy gauge steel construction prevents early rust-out problems. It also absorbs vibration and pressure, which reduces wear and tear on all moving parts.

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